Current Builds!

Great news! We are FINISHED with the 10th home in Moore! Thanks to many generous donors.

The McCoy Family moved into their new  home. 

Chris Presenting Keys to LeeAnne

11th Home in Moore 

Willie Luckett, Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration


Willie grew up with no mother or father. He was raised by his grandparents and extended family. They helped him grow into the man he has become – a GOOD man, a man who goes above and beyond for his family. He grew up poor, but in a loving home.


His mother was a drug addict and alcoholic. His father was incarcerated since he was four years old. He has been through his own struggles, but is staying positive and making a positive impact on his family and others around him.


Willie is a foster parent to his two nephews and working hard to break the cycle of incarceration in their family. He is pouring his life into these boys to make a difference, to bring them up as fine upstanding citizens, contributing members of society. The boys were taken from their mother, Willie’s sister, who has mental disabilities that made her unable to care for the boys. Willie says, “I knew they wouldn’t have survived.”


Willie did the right thing and took the children in, even though he had no children of his own. He wanted to make a difference in these boys’ lives, raising them as his own.


Willie moved back to Oklahoma to build a better life for himself and the boys. He has been blessed to get a home from Habitat to provide stability for them.

Willie and Boys 


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