Current Builds!

Great news! We have started on our 10th home in Moore!

The McCoy Family is having their home built! 

McCoy Family with Church at the Wall Raising in August 2016

The Mickey Family moved into their new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray! 

Melvin and Sherry Mickey are a parents to four children, Melvin III, a 20 year old student, Tyriek a 19 year old carpentry student and artist, Mya a 16 year old student and Tymel a 15 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. 

The Mickeys have always lived in a rent home and they are so excited about owning their own home. One of the biggest blessings in this new home will be the roll in shower for Tymel along with wider doorways and hallways to accommodate his wheelchair. Currently, his mom is having to pick him up and put him in the tub to bathe him. The bigger he gets the harder it is for her.

They are excited to have a home, so if something happens to them, their son will be taken care of in his own home. They are looking to the future. Being selected to receive a home is a “weight off their shoulders and a blessing,” said Sherry and Mel. Mel lost his grandparents in Katrina, he understands loss and the need for safe stable housing. 

Mickey Family

And Lastly - the Luckett Family was just approved for their new HOME - the 11th in Moore as part of the ReBuild Moore committment!! 

Willie Luckett III is a man who is starting over. He was raised by his grandmother, since his mother was incarcerated. Willie knows what it is like to be wanting a parent’s love. Willie’s nephews were being raised by their mother… until she lost custody of them. Willie stepped up, just as his grandmother had so many years before. Willie is now raising his two nephews as a single man. He was a bus driver for a local school district, but just received a promotion (and a raise) to a security guard. Willie is working so hard to make a better life for himself and the two boys who love him dearly. Willie and the boys live in a two bedroom cramped overcrowded duplex. Willie says with pride and excitement, “I am a first time home buyer.”  

Luckett Family


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