Upcycle Center
Our Upcycle Center takes broken furniture or excess materials and turns them into something anyone would love to have in their home. We also offer DIY classes!

Fixing-Up Furniture

The Upcycle Center takes furniture in need of some extra TLC and turns them into pieces that anyone would be happy to have in their home. These prices are marked at a higher prices than regular furniture that has been donated to us, and all proceeds go to Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity

Fixing-Up Furniture - Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity

Dixie Belle Paint Premier Retailer

We also sell Dixie Belle Chalk Paint at our ReStore. This is the paint we use to upcycle our furniture, and you can use it to upgrade your own projects at home! We even offer classes at our Upcyce Center that allow you to learn how to best use this paint.


Classes - Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity Itching for a project, but not sure ‘how to’ or ‘what do’? Check out our Upcycle Center Classes!

All proceeds from our classes go toward supporting Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity in our mission to eliminate substandard housing in Norman and the surrounding area.

Book your class as a group for a discounted rate. Group Booking is available for all of our classes except Bring Your Own Piece and Junky to Funky. Bring Your Own Piece requires limited class sizes for proper teaching time. Junky to Funky works best with 2 or more painters per project.

Bring Your Own Piece (BYOP): New paint? Check. Recover a seat? Check. The class includes an 8oz jar of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint of your choice to use in class and keep, as well as access to the Upcycle Center’s stock of paint, finishes, stencils, and tools during class. Furniture pieces must not be larger than a side table or kitchen chair; anything larger would take more than 3 hours to complete. Bring inspiration pictures or ideas and see how easy it is to make magic happen with a brush! This class is limited to 3 people per class to allow our instructor to devote proper attention to each painter and their project. **Be sure to coordinate with Jess at [email protected] about the supplies you will need to bring or borrow.**
(3 hours, $60 each, limit 3 attendees per class – no group rate available)

Junky 2 Funky: Looking to give back and have fun with friends while you’re at it? Grab some friends and search the ReStore for a “junky” piece of furniture that needs a “funky” makeover then utilize the Upcycle Center and your creativity to give it new life. Once finished, pieces return to the ReStore for sale to benefit CCHFH.
(3 hours, $100 per pair; limit 4 attendees per class for 2 large or 4 small projects)

Intro to Chalk Painting: Learn the basics and some of our favorite tricks of chalk furniture painting! Every brand has their quirks. We will teach you how to get the most out of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. This class covers color combinations, distressing techniques, and how to use wax, metallics, and glaze for fantastic effects.
(2 hours, $40 each; limit 4 attendees per class)

Sign Painting: Create your own farmhouse sign or add handles to make a tray on second hand cabinet doors or recycled wood planks. Whether it’s for a holiday or to decorate year round: choose from our stencil collection and use Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint to make it uniquely yours! **Coordinate with Jess at [email protected] if you have a specific stencil or style in mind.**
(2 hours, $30 each; limit 4 attendees per class)

Basics of Upholstery: A makeover can be as simple as replacing the cushion or updating the fabric on the dining room chairs! Bring a chair or piece of furniture with a small cushion like a bench or footstool and your chosen fabric, and we will work through the tools and steps needed to make it truly yours. **Coordinate with Jess at [email protected] for mat20erial amounts needed.**
(2 hours, $40 each, limit 6 attendees per class)

Book Folding: Pick out a hardback book from our shelves and a pattern, then we’ll teach you how to measure, fold, and snip that old book into a work of art. Paint the cover in class or keep it classic! We will build the groundwork in class, but it will be up to you to finish your folding at home. Once you know how to read the patterns you can use your new skill with nearly any you find online.
(1.5 hours, $25 each, limit 4 attendees per class)

Dragonflies: Turn your fence or garden into the talk of the neighborhood with a giant dragonfly! These beauties are great gifts for housewarming, birthday, or special holidays. Customize one with paint and stencils.
(2 hours, $30 each, limit 4 attendees per class)

Drawer Dudes: Cabinet drawers often outlive their cabinets. Repurpose them into a small shelf, planter box, or pet bed with some paint, legs, and maybe a face out of knobs and handles. We provide the materials, you provide the fun.
(2 hours, $30 each, limit 4 attendees per class)

Wind Chimes: Mismatched spoons and forks, old drill bits and little tools, spare light globes: what are you going to do with all that extra little stuff? We’ll show you how to turn that old junk into a cool wind chime! Bring in silverware from home, or use some provided by the ReStore to make a musical treasure all your own.
(1.5 hours, $20 each, limit 4 attendees per class)

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