Home Ownership

Home Ownership

We’re so glad you are interested in becoming a homeowner through Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing ministry that helps hard-working, limited-income families purchase their own newly constructed homes on a zero interest loan - in neighborhoods where Habitat is building homes.

At Habitat we work in partnership with families, not for them, in the spirit of the Christian principles that guide our lives. In our partnership, there are tasks that both parties agree to do. For example, Habitat agrees to sell a new home at no profit and with no interest charges. A 1% down payment is charged along with closing costs and the first years insurance premium which is all due at closing. In return, Habitat families agree to maintain their homes and diligently make their monthly mortgage payments on time.

Can I Buy A Habitat Home

Basic qualifications for Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity’s home purchase program include:

1. NEED – Are you living in substandard, inadequate, or overcrowded housing, or otherwise able to demonstrate a need for the Habitat program?

2. ABILITY TO PAY – Are you able and willing to make regular monthly mortgage payments on your new home? Take a look at our income requirements below. The amount shown is the maximum combined household income limit. The minimum annual income is $25,200 in Norman/Moore and $24,000 in Noble.

Number in Household 1 2 3 4 5
Maximum Amount of Household Income $38,850 $44,400 $49,950 $55,500 $59,950

3. WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER – Are you willing and able to put in at least 350 hours of “sweat equity?”(300 hours for single applicant) Habitat for Humanity is a partnership based on principles of self-help. Sweat equity does not always require heavy labor – work can take many forms – but we do require a commitment of your best effort.

You must also be head of a household. A “household” may be a couple (with or without children) or a single person (with or without children).

  • You must be willing and able to participate in financial planning and budgeting workshops and other required training sessions which will be applied to sweat equity.
  • You must be willing to live in and become an active part of a neighborhood where Habitat is building homes.
  • We check credit. It does not have to be perfect, but it does matter. We look for at least a year of stable, well-paid rent and utility payment history and at least a year of stable work history.
The Habitat office is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Completing the application:

  1. Download the application
  2. Print it out.
  3. Fill it out completely.
  4. Be sure to sign the release for information on the last page. Mail it to the following address:

    Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity
    P.O. Box 1005
    Norman, OK 73070
Or fax it to (405) 360-8156.

The Habitat office is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Changing Lives

A Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity home purchase is transformational for families because Habitat’s zero-interest mortgage combined with the energy efficiency efforts, maximizes affordability for our homebuyers. The stability and security that home ownership brings to families frequently results in better grades and relationships in children, as well as in opportunities for adults to pursue other life goals beyond subsistence living, such as additional education and better paying jobs. According to HUD statistics, children raised in a home owned by their parent(s) are less likely to suffer from chronic illness and 25 percent more likely to graduate from high school! These homes help break the cycle of poverty for children and adults, opening doors of opportunity and giving them a new vision of what they can accomplish in their lives.


This is what it is all about. This is why we ask you to donate your time, money and unwanted items... for families to get a hand up, not a hand out, and a chance to be successful.

Mr. and Mrs. Rentie have done just that, because of YOU. They have paid off their 20 year old mortgage!!! They have a home they own free and clear, thanks to YOUR efforts!!

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