Starting Our New Build in Norman!

Great news! We are now an Energy Star Partner!

I am sure there are many people that are wondering why we are taking the time and effort to meet these standards when so many for-profit builders are not.  One of the reasons is that we want to not only provide our homeowners with a decent affordable house but also one that is energy efficient which will cost them less money to maintain over the life of their house.  Any break that we can give our homeowners will give them a better chance of successfully owning their home.

We are in partnership with Energy Star and because of this partnership we are able to build a house that is at least 15% more efficient than those built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), and include additional energy–saving features to deliver a performance advantage of up to 30% compared to a typical new home.  You might ask, so, how do you do this?  Well, there are several aspects to the program which in conjunction with each other enable us to build a house with these results.  First, the home must meet all the requirements of the Thermal Enclosure System checklist, HVAC System Quality Installation checklist, and Water Management System checklist.  We also participate in the Indoor airPLUS program which has its own checklist.  Most of these checklists are completed by our third party rater who is Jeremy Atchley of Energywise.  Also, our HVAC installer Chris Gentry of A/C Innovations had to be certified by Energy Star in order to be able to install our system.

There are many details to each of these checklist which if discussed would exceed the limits of this article.  However, I would like to mention a few highlights in order to show case some of the things we are doing to make these homes more energy efficient.  For example, our slabs have a layer of Dow Board under them giving us an R-10 factor.  Our exterior walls have enough insulation in them to give us an R-19 factor.  Our attics have enough insulation to have an R-38 factor.  Additionally, we have installed a furnace and hot water tank which are both 92% efficient. Also, we have fully flashed all of our windows and door openings to keep out any unwanted moisture.  There are many other things that we are doing to our homes that in conjunction with Energy Star which is enabling our homeowners to have a decent affordable house that is also energy efficient.


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