Frequently Asked Questions


    Isn’t Habitat for Humanity a charity?

    Habitat for Humanity is a Not-for-Profit organization.  We are not a United Way Agency and we do not receive funding from the government or any other agencies. We apply for grants and accept financial and material contributions to build our homes.


      Are all your materials donated?
        We do receive some donations of materials from companies, such as Whirlpool and Dow Chemical, but most materials are purchased for our homes.


          What is your Restore and how do you use the money generated from its sales?

            Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of new and used furniture, building materials, appliances and more.  Our Restore organizes and sells these items to the public.  The money generated by our Restore is used to pay our overhead costs, such as rent, salaries and utilities, which enables us to use our financial contributions to build our homes.  For additional information about our Restore, please refer to the RESTORE Section of our website.


            Are your homes free to the families receiving them?

            Habitat for Humanity believes in being a hand up not a hand out. Our families must volunteer 300 – 350 hours of their time before their home is completed, make a 1% down payment and make a monthly payment on an interest-free mortgage after they move in.  For additional information, please refer to the HOME OWNERSHIP Section of our website.


            How long does it take to build a Habitat home? 

            It takes Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity approximately six months to build a home depending upon the weather and availability of volunteers.

            Do your families get to have any input on their homes?

            Because our families are selected before the homes are built, our homes are tailored to fit each family’s needs.  Our aim is to build simple, decent, affordable homes.


            What is the quality of your homes?

            The quality is basically the same as in any new home, but we do not provide extras. Each home is energy star certified and has up to 1,350 square feet of floor space.



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